Dear friends,

We just received word of a customer who was in our New Oxford shop on Friday, became physically ill on Saturday and was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Monday.

We want you to know what precautions we are taking as a result:

1. All employees who may have had contact are being put on 14 day quarantine.

2. Both stores are being more thoroughly sanitized than usual.

3. We are closing both stores for 3 days. After that time, it is unlikely any COVID-19 virus can live on any surfaces. We will try to reopen on Friday.

4. Our New Oxford store will not reopen until further notice as all our staff from that store will be on quarantine.

5. We will try and maintain regular hours in our Gettysburg store.

6. Our online store is still open.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but your safety and that of our employees must come first. 

Please remember when shopping resumes to wear your mask and to maintain 6' of social distancing when in our store. 

We are most appreciative of the customer who did the right thing and let us know they were diagnosed with COVID. 

Please: stay safe and be kind. This is serious stuff.