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Cross of St. James-Pure HonourOrnament by Inge Glas in Neustadt bei Coburg

The Cross of St.James is a Latin cross simulating a sword-shaped. Apparently, this symbol goes back to the time of the Crusades, more specifically the Battle of Clavijo, a village located in the province of La Rioja. Legend has it that in the year 844, the Apostle James appeared in a dream to king Ramiro I of Asturias promising victory in the battle against the Moors. Santiago, whose help was invaluable in the triumph of Christians, appeared in the race carrying a white flag with a red cross printed and helped troops in the clash. Such relevance took the cross after the battle that its form evolved into a red sword that would become the symbol of the Military Order of Santiago, founded in the twelfth century in order to protect the Christian territories of Muslim invasions. Since then, the Cross of St.James acquired the status symbol of the power of Christianity. Besides its historical origin, its shape and color are linked to different Christian references: red represents the blood of Christ, the three lilies represent the honour of the Apostle and its sword-shaped represents the torture that St.James suffered before his murder.

Mouth blown and hand painted by Inge Glas in Neustadt bei Coburg, this ornament is approximately 3" tall.

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