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Sigfried's Departure Stein

This German Sigfried's Departure Beer Stein, 2013 limited edition beer stein depicts the famous scene "Siegfried's Farewell to Krimhild" in the German legend of the Niebelungen. This legend, based on historic events in the 5th & 6th century A.D., tells of the dragon-slayer Siegfried, how he was murdered and of his widow Krimhild's revenge. After killing the dragon, Siegfried bathed in it's blood, which made him invincible. Unfortunately as he bathed a leaf fell on his back leaving an unprotected spot. This scene shows Siegfrieds departure from or farewell to Krimhild for a bear hunt with King Gunther and his knight Hagen von Tronje. Hagen has asked Kimhild to secretly mark on the back of Siegfried's jacket the exact location of his only vulnerable spot, so that he can protect it in case of combat. Krimhild had a feeling of foreboding and begs Siegfried not to join the hunt. Siegfried however turns her down. During this bear hunt Hagen drives his spear into this spot on Siegfried's back thereby murdering him.

This stein was originally modeled around 1890 by Peter Duemler and is now being faithfully reproduced by King-Werk GmbH.

Hand-painted dramatic high relief decoration with 24K gold accents set against a cobalt blue background. Includes a certificate of authenticity and history in German and English.

Made by the KING-WORKS, this german beer stein is approximately 17.5" tall. Volume 3 Liter.

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