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King Gambrinus on Barrel, Painted Beer Stein by KING-WORKS


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The Legend of King Gambrinus, the Beer King Who can drink this beer stein full of beer in one draft is sure to earn Gambrinus's approval and sheer delight. Because it was his imperviousness to drink which prompted brewers to appoint him as their patron many centuries ago.

How it happened is related in the following legend:

Around the year 1100, the brewers of Brussels deliberated which strong and courageous man should be their leader. They organized a contest, at which a large beer barrel was placed on the ground. The one who could carry it to a spot two stone's throws away would become their head brewer.

Among many who registered for the contest was a Duke from Brabent, whose name was Jan Primus, a man of great strength and considerable intellect. With obvious joy, he followed the futile efforts of the numerous competitors to move the beer barrel. When his turn came, he ordered the servant to beat a spigot into the bunghole. He then lied down under the barrel, opened the tap and drank until the barrel was empty. Having done this, he carried the barrel effortlessly to the winning post.

On the strength of this clever idea, the brewers of Brussels appointed him as their honorary leader. From then on he was the patron of brewers and innkeepers and Jan Primus became Gambrinus, the King of Beer.

Made by the KING-WORKS, this german beer stein is approximately 11.25" tall. Volume 0.75 Liter.

This beer stein was originally produced by Thewalt GmbH of Germany and is now being faithfully reproduced from the original mold by King-Werk GmbH of Germany.

Limited Edition of 2,500 individually numbered beer steins Worldwide!
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