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German folklore explains that in one harsh, cold winter a little child became lost wandering in the forest during a raging snowstorm. A tall, gentle fir tree welcomed the scared child into its branches and protected the child through the night from the whipping winds. In the morning, the grateful child thanked the tree many times for its shelter throughout the cold night. After the child left, the gentle fir tree learned that the child was the Christ kind, an innocent child of Christ. Proud of its kindness, the tree wept with joy. As tears ran down its branches, icicles formed glistening beautifully in the sun and could be seen for miles by the people and animals of the forest. The people commented on the beauty of the icicles, reminding all that acts of kindness are fondly remembered. Icicles symbolize the strength of winter and the brilliance of a good deed.

The first German figural ornaments were modeled from the most amazing creations found in nature. Pine cones were among those first ornament shapes the German glassblowers created. Due to their abundance in nature, pine cones have come to represent motherhood and fruitfulness. Therefore, every home should receive a pine cone ornament to represent good wishes for a happy and healthy family.

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