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One of Kind Belznickle Paper Mache Candy Container by Werner Brauer in Hannover


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One of a Kind Papier Mâché
Candy Containers & Figuerines
by Werner Brauer

Werner Brauer--lives in the medieval city of Hannover in Lower Saxony. I knew his work was special, but I had no idea how special until I visited him last month.

Herr Brauer is an art historian and a member of the "Hohenzollern" family line, which includes Wilhelm I, the first Emperor of the German Empire, who ruled 1871-1888. On the wall in Werner's home is a portrait of Wilhelm I and his wife Augusta von Weimar.

Werner speaks no English, but I was delighted that he arranged for a neighbor to translate for us. I drove 6 hours from Munich to Hannover and 4 hours back to Neustadt bei Coburg, but it was worth it!

Each of Werner Brauer's very special pieces is one of a kind. I was fortunate to buy 19 of his best pieces. He told me we are the only people in the United States to carry his work. He has signed and dated each piece for us.

Each of these one of kind paper mache candy container bunnies in the two piece set, made by Werner Brauer in Hannover, is approximately 9.8" high.

This One of a Kind Paper Mache Candy Container by Werner Brauer is approximately 21.65" tall.
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