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Royal Bell of Christmas Ornament by Inge Glas in Neustadt bei Coburg

A Very Special Limited Edition Ornament from Birgit's Christmas Collection When the first glass Christmas ornaments were created in the Thuringian Forest region of Germany about 150 years ago, Birgit Müller-Blech's ancestors, the Eichorn family, were there. Her amazing heritage of craftsmanship and artistry is evident in each ornament she creates. Today, Birgit is co-owner and designer at Inge Glas. Because of the extraordinary skill and time required to bring each ornament in Birgit's Christmas Collection to life, the ornaments in this series are the most limited and collectible of Inge Glas ornaments. Each design is retired after very limited production. As legend has it, the shepherds gathered in mass in Bethlehem as they journeyed to meet the newborn King. A little blind boy sat along the side of the road and heard rumors of the angel?s announcement. He begged the travelers to lead him to the Christ child, but no one would take the time. After the crowd passed and the street grew silent, the boy heard the faint ringing of a cow?s bell in the distance. He followed the sound of the bell, thinking that the cow may be in the stable where Christ laid ? thus, the cow led the boy to the infant Jesus. Bells have been used for centuries in America and Europe to help ring in the Christmas season. One German custom dictates that on Christmas Day no child may enter the room with the Christmas tree until the bells of Christmas ring. Mouth blown and hand painted by Inge Glas in Neustadt bei Coburg, this retired ornament is approximately 5 3/4" tall.

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