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The Christmas Haus 2014 Limited Edition Candy Container Designed by Roger Lund

The Christmas Haus 2014 Limited Edition Candy Container by Ino Schaller Designed by Roger Lund. In 2007 we began our limited edition series made exclusively for our Christmas Haus customers. Last year I collaborated on our first Ino Schaller Paper Mache Candy Container. The second (of three) in that series has now arrived from Germany. On it I incorporated some of my favorite elements, and I hope you will like him as much as I do. We only created 50 of these wonderful Santas, and if you have ordered limited editions from us before, we have reserved your number. We will need you to let us know ASAP if you are interested in this piece, as we will have a waiting list of those who want this limited edition piece. It is sure to sell out! There are only 50 of them, and each one is hand signed by the maker in Germany and by me, the designer. The Christmas Haus Santa is wearing a rich green coat and hat which is trimmed in red with little glass beads. A hand painted doll rests in Santa's pocket. Santa is leaning on his cane as he holds a golden sack filled with toys for all the good little girls and boys. His head is held high as he prepares for his journey. You can see the anticipation is his beautiful blue eyes. Perhaps he is hoping you will take him home with you! This Limited Edition Santa paper mache candy container, made by Ino Schaller in Neustadt bei Coburg, is 7 3/4"" tall. The removable plug on the bottom is stamped "This limited production 'paper mache' is hand-made in the original antique mold in Germay by INO SCHALLER" and hand signed by Thomas Schaller, great grandson of the family company's founder.

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